About This Workshop

Learn from a collaboration of two creative studios with a distinct style on how to plan and execute great photos.

This workshop includes lectures, demos, and an open discussion to ask everything you've ever wondered about shooting and styling products.


Ever wondered how to style your products or how you get Pinterest worthy props? Kay Isabedra, founder of Gathered Creative will share their techniques to make those goals.


How does a photo stand out in the millions of shots taken every day? Matt Lee, founder of Cereaal shows the creative process in shooting a photo and dives into techniques on lighting and composition to understand what each situation calls for. All cameras welcome


Gounded on Experience

With a combined total of more than a decade in styling and photography of nearly all genres, your hosts Kay Isabedra, founder of Gathered Creative and Matt Lee, founder of Cereaal have tackled every creative situation out there. At Grains they're ready to teach what they wish they'd known starting out.

Visual and Demonstrative

We get visual learning because that's the way we like to learn too. As we add knowledge with each part of the lecture, we apply the new information to the demonstrations which is shown close-up and from afar

All Cameras Welcome

From day one, we've been believers that any camera can be a great camera. We will perform our demos with a professional camera then switch to a phone camera afterward. It's all in how you master your lighting and composition.


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