About This Workshop

Shooting your own kitchen creations can get frustrating when you've got a vision that isn't coming to life.

With just a few easy-to-follow techniques taught by industry veteran food stylist Tonee and Cereaal's creative director Matt, you'll be creating images like the pros in no time.


You'll follow along a step-by-step approach to make these foods looks mouthwatering and appetizing:

Eggs; Pasta and Noodles; Burgers and Stacked Food.


Follow Matt's creative process as he brings your styled dishes from the kitchen to the studio and shoots them with a mirrorless camera and a phone camera.


Engaging and Collaborative

This photo was a combined effort from the entire workshop. We asked the participants to describe to us their idea of a breakfast scene with the sunny side up as our hero subject and with their adjectives – bright, vibrant, modern; we styled this shot on the spot.

Hands-on and Personalized

Workshop participants also got to follow along step-by-step with the styling demonstration with Tonee to troubleshoot anything they encountered while attempting to plate the dishes making the experience very hands-on.

Visual and Demonstrative

We teach the techniques with seamless application. As we add knowledge every step of the way we apply the new information to the shoot which is shown close-up on both a phone and a professional camera so that participants can really visualize the thought process of a food photographer.


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