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We created Workshop by Cereaal to provide courses that will spark creativity and share the knowledge that we have built being part of this industry for the last six years. 


Cereaal has been organizing workshops since 2015, but now we are pivoting with the times, to deliver more relevant content in more modern ways. Browse our menu of courses which will be available through public workshops or you may inquire about privately organized workshops for your company. 

Available Courses

Upcoming Workshops
Nailed It 1x1 Poster.jpg

How do you tell a compelling story around your brand?


You do it through great Visual Strategy.

Establishing the right look will create an instant connection with your audience.

No prior experience needed for this course.

Styled 1x1 Poster.jpg

Product Styling is the Food Industry's best-kept secret, and we're about to spill on the secret sauce.


Learn easy-to-follow Product Styling tips from industry professionals including how do tricky foods like eggs, burgers and pasta.

No prior experience needed for this course.

Oh Snap 1x1 Poster.jpg

Great photos aren't just about

the gear you own.


Getting a grasp of the elements that make food photos stand out means you can create mouthwatering images even without professional studio equipment. 

No prior experience needed for this course.

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