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San Jacinto


From the brand

of our grandparents

To food that tells

its rich history

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Panciteria San Jacinto originated from a small eatery in Binondo established in 1894 – well into the Spanish colonization. Their dishes are born from unique influences of Filipino, Cantonese, and Spanish cultures. Panciteria San Jacinto believes that good food brings the family together - no matter how ‘family’ looks like for you. 

Pancit Canton San Jacinto Binondo

Design Problem

Panciteria San Jacinto remained in the memories of the children of its former patrons, but was not able to stay relevant to this millennial market, who have now grown up and have families of their own.

Visual Strategy

Millennials love to be told stories and they place importance on brands with good values and rich heritage, especially ones they can identify with.

Panciteria San Jacinto leverages its rich history and its focus on the importance of family to invite the millennial market to rediscover its brand.

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