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About This Workshop

How does your brand's content stand out in the millions of photos taken and posted every day?


In this course, we will go through the creative process in art directing for brands with the lens of food photoshoots, and discuss styling the sets to assess and execute what each brand calls for. 

This course includes a presentation, case studies, and a collaborative exercise to see in real-time how it's like to put together a set for a product shoot.

Great for entrepreneurs and marketers looking to elevate the photos of their branded products.


Gounded on Experience

With a total of more than a five years in styling and photography of nearly all genres and food brands, Cereaal has tackled a lot of brands – including big international brands as well as homegrown brands. Participants will experience true-to-life scenarios and see the creative process that goes behind brainstroming the look of a brand's photos for their marketing.

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Hands-On and Collaborative

We get that learning happens with experience, because that's the way we like to learn too. Participants get to work on a case study with the instructor, and contribute their input to what elements will give this brand its unique visual mood.


Course Length: A Few Hours

Medium: Face-to-Face or Online

What is Visual Branding Strategy

Participants will learn why it's important to establish a very clear visual mood for your brand and what the key elements are to make it an effective strategy.

Brand Brainstorming

Participants will learn the right questions and information you need to create the foundation of how to strategize for a brand's look.

The Squidward Method

We'll share Cereaal's unique method of creating a brand strategy that's holistic, grounded, and simple to understand. 

Binary Adjectives

We break down our visual strategy into a more qualitative and systematic style, by introducing the binary adjectives and really zone-in on the cohesive look.

Treatment Deck

Now we put it all together into a guide that's easy to understand and visualize.​

Hands-On Learning

Participants get to engage in a brand case study where they will be asked to use the tools taught in this course to come up with a cohesive strategy, then put that into action by styling a set for the product along with the instructor.

Afterward, we will hold a round of feedback and group discussion to wrap-up the session.

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