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About This Workshop

Taking photos of your kitchen creations can get frustrating when the dish just isn't cooperating the way that you expected it to look.

Food may not always be the most photogenic subject. Your hero will have a limited shelf life, especially once you need to take the time to change lights and angles.

We tackle the trickiest, yet most common types of dishes you'll encounter and show you the behind-the-scenes magic of how they come out better.

This course is great for food photographers and stylists alike who are looking to beef up on technical skills.


Hands-on and Personalized

Workshop participants get to follow along with the step-by-step of the styling demonstration. We will help troubleshoot anything they encounter while plating the dishes, making it a custom experience for every participant.

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Learning Experience

The module on food styling and food photography weave seamlessly together as we take the styled dishes from the kitchen and bring them into the studio. Each dish pairs perfectly with a photography technique to really absorb the learnings in a friendly pace.


Course Length: Half-Day

Medium: Face-to-Face or Online

Food Styling vs Prop Styling

We explain this often-confused contrast of two styling disciplines and break down why it takes a different set of skills to do either.

Eggs Two Ways

Learn how to make a sunny side with the perfect and jiggly yolk. Afterward, get hands-on with making a vibrant and fluffy scrambled egg.

Noods, Noods, Noods

Find out the technique for the perfect al dente noodle and how to style it onto a plate that makes it look natural and beautiful.

Burgers and Stacked Food

One of the trickiest of foods to style - showing the different layers of a burger or sandwich, while keeping it well-balanced and not toppling over.

Different Kinds of Lighting

A visual demonstration of how changing one characteristic of your light can change the entire mood of your photo.

Composition and Angles

Utilize these techniques to give emphasis to the strengths of your product as well as maximizing the content you can get from each layout.


This element in food is equally important in its photography. Learn how to show the wide range of food textures through photos.

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