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About This Workshop

Photos are the first point to connecting with your market, especially now when digital marketing has become a must!

In this course, expect to dive into the essential elements of food photography.


We teach techniques that apply whether you're shooting with a phone or a mirrorless camera.

This is our flagship and still most popular workshop.

All experience levels will learn from this course.

Batch 2 of Oh, Snap! will be held on

July 10, 2021 1-5PM GMT+8 via Zoom

The course is Php1,600 ($USD 32) per participant


Anyone Can Shoot

This workshop module is designed to teach photography techniques that are for everyone. No previous experience needed.

Participants will learn techniques that will maximize the functionality of whatever camera you own, and get creative solutions to your existing setup no matter what it is.

Visual and Demonstrative

We show a demonstration shooting with both our phone and camera to apply the techniques taught and compare the two.


As we add new concepts, we'll demonstrate them in a shoot so the participants can really visualize the creative process of a photographer.


Course Length: A Few Hours

Medium: Face-to-Face or Online

Why We Do Food Photography

To start the course, we dive into the value of food photography.

Which Camera is for You

We explore what really are the differences between the phone mirrorless and SLR camera, and share the strengths and weaknesses of each one.

Different Kinds of Lighting

A visual demonstration of how changing one characteristic of your light can change the entire mood of your photo.

Composition and Angles

Utilize these techniques to give emphasis to the strengths of your product as well as maximizing the content you can get from each layout.


This element in food is equally important in its photography. Learn how to show the wide range of food textures through photos.

Hands-On Learning (Optional, Half-Day, Face-to-Face)

Participants get to engage in different brand case studies, each with a different photoshoot requirement. Given the necessary tools, they will execute their interpretation of the brief. Afterward, we will hold a round of feedback and group discussion to wrap-up the session.

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